Assistant Recruitment

Accounting Department of Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta is not only a place for students to study, but also provides an opportunity to become an assistant. The Assistant in Accounting Study Program at UMY is generally divided into three, namely Study Program Assistant (Asprod), Accounting Laboratory Assistant (Aslab), and Accounting Development Center Assistant (PPAA Assistant). The three assistants were involved in many study programs such as; became an assistant lecturer in accounting practicum courses [trading companies, manufacturing companies, auditing, office computers, and MYOB (accounting software)]. In addition, assistants will also be involved in conducting lecturer research, international conferences, Bridging, and mentoring Islam. There is also an opportunity for students to become Asprod in temporary worker schemes. The advantage of being an assistant in the UMY Accounting Study Program is to add work experience, have relationships for future work after graduating from college, and also possibly get recommendations for obtaining scholarships to higher education. In addition, even though he was still in college, with this assistant program students had the opportunity to earn income that could be used as support funding while studying in Yogyakarta.