To support the learning process and increasing academic atmosphere and culture, UMY provides A accredited library. The vast collection of this library is not only availbale in hard copy but also soft copy. The library of UMY is consisted of Central Library, Faculty Library, and reference room available in a lot of spot in UMY.


All classrooms in UMY, including Accounting Study Program, are set in accordance with the teaching and learning quality standard that is able to facilitate modern learning method, like the use of visual media. Thus, the classrooms of UMY provide chairs and desks, whiteboard and markers, LCD projectors, speaker, and air conditioner.


One of the required program in Accounting Study Program UMY is accounting practices for trading and manufactures companies,Monsoon SIM, auditing, and administration computer. Thus, UMY provide accounting laboratory to increase students soft skill and hard skill in the matter of Accounting.