If we talk about taxation, something in our head is the recent practice becomes from the government, that is Tax Amnesty. It is expected for increasing the investment that influence with absorbing the labors and also create some justice for the society. This can’t be done as well with the less of taxation capability.

On May 11th, 2017, Pusat Pengembangan Akuntansi (PPA) of Economics and Business Faculty, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta had organized Tax Brevet A & B – 54 th generation. The high enthusiasm of brevet participants can be seen from the registration to the end of this program, even though they’re busy with their college and work activities.

This program lasts for 2 months or 45 times meeting begins from March 6th, 2017 to May 11th, 2017. All of the participants has been taught about theory of taxation such as general provisions and procedures of taxation, VAT, Income Tax, withholding tax, accounting for tax and also auditing for tax. The presenters that fill this tax brevet are the presenters which also often fill the tax brevet in and also some experts in taxation subject such as Riyanto Sutiarso, S.E., M.Ak., Ak., CA., BKP., SAS., F. Triwibowo, S.S.T., Widodo, S.E., Toni Aris Margono, S.E., Dwi Antoro Setyawan, S.E., S.Ab., dan Edy Triyanto, S.E., M.M..

“The training of Tax Brevet A & B held twice in a year, but we still expect the number of participants and the frequency of this training is also increasing. In the future, tax employees will increasingly needed in the world-life working. We believe that our participants are not only complete the portofolio but also pass the certification of USKP (stand for Ujian Sertifikasi Konsultan Pajak). The participants in this year had good enthusiasm because they consisted of students and alumni of accounting major, other major and also other university” Said Abdurrahman Maulana as an assistant in PPA FEB UMY.

The final score divided into 4 categories : Very Good, Good, pretty good and less satisfactory. Those criteria determined from the participant’s capacity in understanding the taxation and tax skills. The presence should be more than 80%. The less one will be disqualified and did not get the brevet certificate. So, do not waste this opportunity, let’s join PPA FEB UMY ! (Maulana)