Malaysia – Ujang Nurdin (Accounting), Puji Astuti (Accounting), Riska Fefri Cahaya Hati (Economics) and Habib Adba Furqoni (Management), a team of GESFID FEB UMY members who had the opportunity to present their work entitled “ as a Solution to Reduce Waste and Improve the Welfare of Society” at the ASEAN Youth Conference (AYC). AYC 2018 is a competition held by the Indonesian Student Association in Malaysia (PPI-Malaysia). The competition is held on 22-23 September 2018 at the International Islamic University of Malaysia and attended by the countries of Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam.

The competition which carries the theme “ASEAN AMONG GREAT POWERS INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION 4.0” in the background that ASEAN is considered as a central role in the structure of regional and fundamental business politics.The Industrial Revolution 4.0 becomes a golden opportunity for each ASEAN country to show its existence in the global market. for this reason, this will be the first leap in the youth movement, where our young people become indicators of significant change in the future, which will be realized by using all the potential of ASEAN diversity.

As for the message conveyed by Ujang when asked by the admin that FEB students must continue with various kinds of domestic and foreign competitions, as well as lecturers in order to remain consistent in supporting students who conduct competitions, he said briefly.FEB UMY