Debriefing of the 2019 PAI Mentor Accounting Study Program

February 12, 2019 by : superadmin-acc

On Saturday (9/2) the accounting study program held a mentor briefing to prepare mentors in the 2018 Islamic Religion Assistance (PAI) activity which will be held from February to April with the theme "Establishing the Character of Prospective Accountants that Are Islamic and Progressing". In the event which was opened by the Head of Accounting, Mr. Ahim Abdurahmim, the mentors were given some material such as Ma'rifatul Islam, Rasul and Insan by Mr. Yunahar Ilyas, Hidup Bermuhammadiyah by Mr. Alfian Darmawan, Muslim Intellectual Role and Youth Association by Mr. Asep Setiawan ddan the last material about the Adab with Muslim Dress and Social Media by mother Evy Rahman Utami. and others. This event took place at the Management Laboratory.
The hope of this activity is that the mentors will be ready to become role models for accounting study programs and transfer the knowledge that has been obtained to the younger generation in later Islamic Religion activities.