Visiting Professors and Lecturers

Visiting Professor

As one of the "A" accredited universities, UMY has a vision to be a superior and Islamic campus. The advantages referred to are not only from the aspect of student / graduate achievement, but also from the aspect of teaching staff achievement. The excellence that was built at UMY was manifested in a tag line "Global Young" which means that the academicians of UMY must have a broad, global and global view, in addition to excluding national local views that are full of noble cultural values. To realize this, visiting professor's activities are one of the programs launched at UMY. Not only inviting lecturers from abroad to teach at UMY, Accounting Study Program of UMY also sent lecturers with doctoral degrees (S3) to become guest lecturers at the world's leading universities. In this activity the Accounting lecturer of UMY became a guest lecturer, held a research collaboration, and did a post doctoral. Several affiliated campuses are: University of Glasgow UK, RMIT University Australia, University of Dayton USA and Universiti Sains Malaysia.