S1 Accounting Curriculum Workshop and RPS 2018 Preparation

September 17, 2018 by : superadmin-acc

Saturday (15/9) the Accounting Study Program is carrying out the S1 Accounting Curriculum Workshop and RPS 2018 Preparation. Activities held on 2 days, September 15-16 2018 are held at Puri Asri Hotel Mangelang. The event was attended by Accounting lecturers who were divided into 9 clusters consisting of Islamic Religion & Kemendammadiyahan Cluster, Financial Cluster, Management Cluster, Cluster of Tools and Research, Audit Cluster, Basic Cluster, English Language Cluster, Public Sector and Tax Cluster, Information System Cluster and Sharia Cluster.

The activity opened by the chairman of the accounting study program Dr. Ahim Abdurahim, S.E., M.Sc., SAS., Ak., CA, was also attended by representatives of LPP UMY, Yulianto Achmad, S.H., MH as the reviewer. This activity was guided by Dr. Harjanti Widiastuti, S.E., M.Si, Ak., CA and Evy Rahman Utami, S.E., M.Sc. As we know, the Semester Learning Plan (RPS) is a learning planning document that is prepared as a guide for students in carrying out lecture activities for one semester to achieve the learning outcomes that have been set.

This workshop is closed on Sunday 16 September 2018 with the completion of individual work and the submission of the results of the RPS development. After this activity is completed, it is expected that the clarity, firmness and curriculum application of the Accounting Study program subjects that have been discussed together can be realized immediately.