IPAcc Gathering 2018

Maret 12, 2018 oleh : superadmin-acc

Sunday (04/03), the International Program of Accounting (IPAcc) has organized Gathering. nThe event is the closing event of bridging activities conducted throughout the Odd semester 2017/ 2018. The purpose of the program is to introduce the academic atmosphere to the new accounting students so that they can adjust with the activities in universities and other program that support their talents .Gathering followed by 70 IPAcc student and some staff. The gathering activities took place at Banyu Sumilir, Turi, Sleman.

At this Gathering was also attended by Mrs. Arum Indrasari as Director of IPAcc and Mr. Ahim Abdurahim as head of Accounting Study Program.

In the speech given by Mrs. Arum Indrasari, the gathering is for refreshing and she wishes that after the gathering is held, the student will feel happy and refresh

Mr. Ahim Abdurahim as Head of Accounting Study Program in his speech also emphasized to students to become accountant who has character, competence and integrity.

This activity is expected to increase familiarity and strengthen the solidarity among all students of IPAcc FEB UMY. There are many values that can be developed through this program, such as, soft skills and leadership development, brother and sisterhood, solidarity, responsibility, cooperation and mutual sharing.