IPAcc students got 2nd rank in Call for Paper IAW 2018

Maret 12, 2018 oleh : superadmin-acc

Bena Balatin Sudarman and Adila Dhurrotul Ghina are two IPAcc students who succeeded in competiton in International Accounting Week (IAW 2018) and got second rank in Call for Paper competition followed by several universities in Indonesia. Bena and Ghina got through the selection process and then presented their papers in front of the judges, audience and other participants. The paper was composed by both students, took the theme of Sharia Accounting under the title “Financing for Breeders (F2B): Integration of BMT and Masjid in Sharia Financing Towards Poor Breeders in Indonesia”.


This achievement is expected to be the spirit of Bena and Ghina to follow other competitions and as a booster for other students to achieve similar achievements.